Why You Should be Building Your Business on SnapChat!

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Snapchat is not just an app for crazy teenagers anymore.

Marketers have taken hold of this app and have brought it to a whole new level!

It’s a GAME CHANGER more so than ANY OTHER Social Media Platform out there.

How so?

Snapchat is more REAL.

People feel like they are seeing the real authentic you!

You get to bring them behind the scenes and make people feel like an insider.

There are no fancy editing software.

This platform loves imperfection and imperfection helps build rapport and relatability! 


It’s been proven time and time again that people don’t join companies.  

They join People.

The BIGGEST thing you need to sell online is…YOU.

It’s your job to get people to Know, Like, and Trust you.  

So people BUY from you.

People also join people they see in Authority, show leadership qualities, and demonstrate VALUE.

You can demonstrate these qualities in subtle ways on Snapchat that will draw people toward you and this platform makes it easy to do this even if you’re brand new.

Here are some of the KEY BENEFITS on Building your business on snapchat!

  • You are able to brand yourself quickly and persuasively because it allows you to create your own reality TV show like a Celebrity.
  • People want to know the real you and you can bring them behind the scenes and show people what you’re up to and your lifestyle.  
  • Easily spy on prospects better than any other platform.
  • Allows you to see who is spying on you and following your stories.
  • Allows you to see your secret admires…powerful!

Like any platform, you need to Respect the Platform. 

It’s designed to be used a certain way and there are some key Do’s and Don’ts.

Now go ahead and go download this mobile app.  

Make sure you add me as a friend and I’ll add ya back.  

You can do that by entering my Username: somerelson or…

if you take a picture of the pic below while in snapchat, it will have a pop up to add me as a friend.


I look forward to watching your stories and make sure you jump on this webinar my mentor is doing!

In this webinar you will Learn…

How to Strategically use Snapchat, one of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platforms & Apps, to Build your Personal Brand, Sell your Products, & Recruit Reps like Crazy!

He will also be going into further detail of the Do’s and Don’ts of Snapchat!


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