Why You Need to BRAND Yourself…

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If you’re a network marketer, in mlm, direct sales, or affiliate marketer  who has struggled to bring your business online and create profitable results, this post is for you!

One of the most common problems people face, aside from lead generation, is finding a way to stand out from the thousands of other reps who sell the same exact products and/or services.

We are all fighting for attention online and this is how you do it!

You still need to form authentic relationships and build trust and rapport in order to generate more leads, make more product sales.  But,  the cool part  is that using online marketing allows you to create much more leverage.

And the best way to do that is through BRANDING YOURSELF.

Here are 3 Tips to Help You Get Started…

1.Be YOURSELF – Do not try to be anybody but YOU.  You have your uniques qualities that nobody else has and you need to bring that to the marketplace.  You should have  a Branded blog where people can go to find out more about you and what you have to offer.

On social media, you need to have a picture of your smiling face.  No logos.  This is the biggest turnoff.  It tells people that all you want to do is sell them something and people hate to be sold to.  You need to start getting Face and Name recognition.

2.  Become the Expert and Establish Yourself as the Authority – If you want to be the GO To person…you need to be the expert.  It doesn’t take much to be the expert.  You just need to know more than the next guy.

People tend to gravitate and join people who know what they are doing and know where they are going.  Share stories, tips, tricks.  Teach people how to do things.  This will create Authority.

If you want to attract business builders for your business, share business tips.  If you want more customers in say a health and wellness business, share tips on how to lose weight, testimonials, recipes, ore fitness tips.

Build content around your target market’s problems…you will create Authority!

3. Be Consistent – People are watching.  Whether you realize it or not.  They may not comment or like any of your posts on social media, but they are watching.  You need to show up everyday whether you are getting results or not.  You will start to build an audience and they will start to wonder what you are up to.

Anytime you learn something new and thought it brought value to your life…share it.  Create a video or blog post and share the value.  This will attract people to your BRAND.  

Branding is just ONE of the 7 Secrets Top Leaders use to Leverage the internet.  Do you want to know the other 6?  Awesome…click below!

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