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Episode 15…In today’s Episode I’m going to give you the 4 things I stayed super consistent with that got me results and could do the same for you!

Episode 15 (1)

I’ve been online building a business online since 2012.  I’ve done a little bit of this, and I’ve done a little bit of that.

I’ve spun my wheels, I’ve cried a river a tears, and I’m pretty sure it gave me a few wrinkles and gray hair trying to figure this all out.

I’ve had a breakthrough recently and it’s because I was consistent with 4 super simple things.

Watch the video below and I’ll share!

So as you can see The Key to Success is…Consistency!

Not consistency for 1 week.

Not consistency for 30 days.

Stay consistent with these actions for the next 90 days and watch what happens.

  • Build your network People are the lifeblood of your business.  You need fresh new people to talk to to gain momentum!  It take’s a large network to find the few that will run with ya!  Take the $$$ signs off your prospects foreheads and go out there and make friends.  Make a commitment to talk to at least 3-10 new people a day!  Here is a video I did that will show you how to attract people to talk to on FB daily!


  • Build Your List – Your money is in your list.  A list is simply a collection of emails.  You can talk to people all day but if you don’t have a system in place to follow up with these people you’re going to have a rough time and you’re leaving money on the table.  Imagine…sending out an email to all your prospects and customers and making money off a simple newsletter!  Easy Peasy right!  You meet people daily, get them on your newsletter and build the relationship with your newsletter!

You can also run paid ads or you can get free leads by these strategies I show you here!

  • Create Content Every Top Marketer Creates Content.  Content is King.  Content shows authority.  The secret sauce to creating Authority is…Lean, Do, and Teach.  teaching sells.  You can create videos, blog posts, meme’s, or podcasts.  If you’re brand new, you can simply use Facebook or any social media platform of your choice.  You can find a cool picture with a quote and write something interesting about it.  Here are some ways to get content ideas!


  • Rewire Your Mind This has to be done daily.  I make it a priority.  Every morning and every evening I visualize, I read, and I listen to audios anytime I don’t need my ears.  This was my game changer!


This is the recipe for Attraction Marketing.  If you would like to learn more about how to become the Hunted and not the Hunter….ya gotta check this out!

Here is a fun Blab Market Like a Boss did abou The Power of Consistency Over Time!

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