Everything You Need to Know About The Museum of Natural Curiosity

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This by far is the coolest museum I’ve been to!

It was a scorching Tuesday in Utah, so I decided to take my little girl to the Museum of Natural Curiosity in Thanksgiving Point, Utah.  I thought a Tuesday afternoon would be good because everyone would be working.

Boy, was I wrong.  Every kid in the valley was at this place.  There was a huge line at the ticket booth.



I guess everyone had the same idea I did.  Everyone wanted to be in the AC on this blistering hot summer day.

Lily was super excited so there was no turning around.  The architecture was stunning so I was pretty excited myself!

There are more than 400 interactive experiences to explore.  So give yourself some time to do everything.

The Rainforest

You can explore ancient ruins and crawl inside the 45-foot-tall monkey head and pretend to fly the Piper Cub.  This had multiple hanging ropes with nets suspended in the air that you can climb on.  

I was diggin it but Lily didn’t want anything to do with it.

Ropes Course

This is for anyone over 4yrs old.  This contains ropes and different courses suspended 40ft in the air.  I sat and watched people for quite awhile doing this.  It does cost an extra 8$ but looks pretty fun.

Is it bad that I was waiting for someone to fall?  They wear harnesses so it wouldn’t be that bad:)

I had my camera ready to catch it all on video…but of course no one took the plunge.

Museum of Natural curosity


This area is just packed full of stuff to explore!  There is a little kid area for kids 3 and under to play in!  Which was nice because the place was crowded with older kids running around all crazy.

In here you can explore secret passageways.

Be careful with this because I thought I lost Lily for a minute.  She went through the secret passageway and I was unsure of where she actually went.

I found her in the hall looking like a lost puppy while I was about to have a heart attack in a state of panic!


There is a room to perform magic tricks, put on a puppet show, build things with huge legos, play veterinarian and perform x-rays, run one of the locomotives at the train station, and much more!

There were many areas that were left unexplored.  We spent 5 hours there and still didn’t get a chance to see everything.

 There was Waterworks, Children’s Discovery Garden, and Traveling Exhibits.  All these exhibits are very interactive and great for one’s imagination!

Lily’s Favorite Place



Who knew to bring a swimsuit to a museum.

We didn’t.

This place looked like too much fun to care about having a dry pair of clothes to change into.  Or a towel for that matter.  There were other kids in their clothes so she wasn’t the only one.


The best part is, she wore herself out so much she slept in till almost 11am the next day!

I highly suggest everyone in Utah to go check this place out.  Even with the crowds we had a great time!

Some things to remember…


Hours are from 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday



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  1. Kam Kay


    This museum sounds like so much fun to take kids to. We have had the same experience that you had. Many times we go to certain places on the weekdays thinking we will have the place to ourselves, but oh boy, are we wrong every time. ‘Cause everybody thinks the same! lol. I will have to keep this place in mind next time we visit Utah.
    Kam Kay recently posted…Fun and Easy Back to School Breakfast Ideas For KidsMy Profile

    • Hey Kam…thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. This place is a must next time you come here. Plan to spend the whole day because there is so much to do!

  2. Wow, what a neat museum! I never would have thought to bring a swimsuit to a museum either. We had a similarly busy day at the local museum too recently — summer camps galore.
    Betsy @ BPhotoArt recently posted…Paint Dexter Plein Air FestivalMy Profile

    • Hey Betsy…thanks for stopping by. It is a pretty cool museum. I guess summer time is not a good time to go to the museums:) Everyone is escaping the heat!

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