The Big Shift in 2015 is Upon Us…

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Change is something you can always count on.  There is no way of getting around it.  You must embrace the change or you will be left in the dark.  Video is sweeping the internet and it’s taking over how you market your business.  Here is why…

Video is the best way for your audience to get to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you, which is the only way to do any kind of sales online.

People want to know who they are doing business with.

Video can revolutionize your blog or website, strengthen SEO, produce an engaging presentation and convert sales 64% better than text alone!

It’s no wonder that video is charging ahead in media.

Video instantly stimulates your senses, stays relevant across all devices, and can invoke an emotional response which produces longer visiting times, if embedded into your website.

The craze spotters and analysis nerds are all in agreement that video is headed from a marketing choice to a marketing must have for all business owners.

The indicators are crystal clear:
Youtube is the second leading social media titan after Facebook with a remarkable 1 billion unique visitors a month.

Youtube is also the second leading search engine next to Google.

Not only do businesses need a Facebook page but having a Youtube channel is also a must.

Vimeo is now being largely used by experts as the choice video platform with 20 million users and climbing.

Research indicates that the amount of video watched by consumers will jump from 51% to 90% in 2015.

You can make Explainer Videos to demonstrate complex ideas or simply to liven up concepts that may not be so interesting if presented in text.

You can create a Pitch Video to sell your product or service in the most visually attractive and compact way or a Promotional Video Advertisement to get to the heart of your offering.

10 More Reasons to Have a Video…
There are a ton of reasons to start implementing video into your business. These are just a few…

Impressions count-videos can make a great first impression for your company. Axonn Media disclosed from research that seven in 10 people view brands more favorably after checking out video content about them.

Boost Click Through Rate– you can boost your Click Through Rate by 30% by embedding video on your homepage according to Hub TV.

Mobile Ready– for smart and mobile devices, time consumed browsing on websites has been shown as being shorter, so video could be a lot faster to consume than text.

Visitors remain on your website or blog longer-visitors will hang around much longer on your website according to experts. A research study reveals that more than three out of five visitors will devote two minutes in a video that describes a product they are contemplating buying while 37 % will check it out for over three minutes.

Videos can boost SEO– video is a way to target keywords with online search engine. For Google, an indexed video might just have up to 50x more of a shot to rank on the first page than a textual page in the index.

Videos can help increase the time a user spends on your website, which will impact your ranking as well.

Easiest way for engagement-it’s a passive engagement that people are used to. You are not making them do anything more strenuous than watch a screen.

Return on Investment– according to e-marketer, more than 50 % of marketing experts say that video content has the most effective ROI.

Potential to share-videos can be easy to share on social media. There are rules to making videos go viral. They have to tell a good story, surprise or create an emotional reaction.

Enhance your odds to achieve high ranking with transcripts– transcripts with your videos will help online search engine to index it. Encompass the video with copy that could be indexed and you have a good chance of being on the first page of google.

Videos are Interesting and Entertaining! Videos are amusing to view and help your audience connect with you on a deeper level. People want to see, hear, and observe all the characteristics of people. This helps form relationships that can’t quite be reached with text alone.

The change is near and video is not going to be an option if you want to keep up with the changes.

If your business hasn’t embraced video yet…you are leaving money on the table.

Just remember, video is not something that is learned and mastered overnight. It takes patience and time to learn and implement.

If video is something you want to learn and peaks your interest, get started today and be consistent.  You will soon be a video master.  (I’m here for you if you have any questions:)

Do you have to learn the ins and outs of video? Absolutely not. You can keep on doing what you do best and leave all the video creation to the experts.

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  1. You make a strong argument about including videos. However I know people who have video blogs and they get less traffic than I do. In time I will embrace this. Thanks for the info.

    • Video is not the do all be all and does not guarantee traffic. Just because you do video does not mean you will automatically get traffic and be an internet superstar and rank 1st page of google. But video is the the best way for people to get to Know, Like, and Trust you and converts 64% better than text alone… which means more sales!!

  2. Tea


    I couldn’t agree more, every business should have video to promote itself.

    • It’s the changing of the times! You have to keep up with change or you will be left behind:(

  3. I am definitely planning on expanding my Blog in the following year. Going to use my break from school to get a plan going.
    Nicole Keener recently posted…Geek OrnamentsMy Profile

  4. I agree. Was thinking of doing some videos.

    • Casey…stop thinking and just take action! Let me know if you have any questions. It can be frustrating at times so I’d be happy to answer any questions:)

  5. I just did a couple and interested to see how they help.

    • Nice…The secret is to stay consistent with it. Content is King and Video Content is even better!

  6. Dov Shapira


    Very nice article indeed.
    The video is very sort and to the point.
    It is also easy on the ears. Good job !!

  7. I am planning to get more into videos! They are definitely good for marketing
    Veronica recently posted…Keeping It Simple For ChristmasMy Profile

  8. I definitely need to do more videos for my site! I agree that they are definitely helpful with Seo.

    • You should def do more videos. You don’t want to be left in the dark.

  9. Very true, video is becoming so important for online marketing.

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