The Ugly Truth About Potty Training.

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Why did it take me a week to potty train my dog and I can’t seem to train my almost 3yr old?

Is the trick rubbing their nose in their pee, slapping their butt and throwing them outside?

Don’t worry I did not try this on my daughter…yet

I thought this was going to be an easy process.  But I have a very stubborn little girl.  Wonder where she gets that from??

I ask her if she wants to go use the potty.  Ya know what she does?  She hands me a diaper and says “I’m a baby.”

I’ve Tried All Kinds of Tactics!

I have tried letting her walk around in her pee filled droopy diaper.  She didn’t care.  I don’t think it even phased her. She could care less about carrying  10lbs of pee in her pants….FAIL

I tried letting her walk around with no diaper at all.

I was downstairs and I noticed she climbed up and was sitting on her potty.  I got so excited and rushed up to see what was going on.  She did it!!

After cleaning her up she took my hand and led me into her room.  She pointed to a turd laying on the floor…FAIL

I bought her really cute panties which she was so excited about!  I let her run around in those and I asked her every 20 minutes or so if she needed to use the bathroom.  I asked her and not even 2 minutes later I hear her peeing on my carpet….FAIL

I tried this tactic multiple times and FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.  So sick of cleaning pee off my carpet.

Redneck Potty Training

We went camping up in Wyoming last weekend and I figured this would be a perfect time to do some potty training!  I would much rather have her pee outside instead of my carpet.

We dug a hole and put her potty on it.  I sat her on it and she said she went pee…but she didnt.  She just sat there and played in the dirt.

potty training

This tactic was a BIG FAIL.  She didn’t want to sit on it again and she just peed all over herself:(  It got chilly quick so the diapers went back on.

I don’t get it.  I can get this little girl to clean her toilet but I can’t get her to use it.


Outsourcing Potty Training!

I watched this video the other day about outsourcing potty training.  I have never heard of this but this sounds very appealing.  I don’t think there are actual services that provide this service but I do have daycare!

My daughter usually just goes to daycare 2 days a week.  But here is what I’m thinking.  I’ll have her go Mon-Fri all day long and by Friday she will be potty trained!!  I hate her being in daycare but I’m desperate.


Should I just give up?

My friend told me I should stop stressing and just give up.  She told me no kid ever starts school in diapers and she will do it when she is ready.

 So that is what I have done.  I still talk about it daily to her but she has regressed and wants absolutely nothing to do with the toilet.  I continue to change dirty diapers but I have to admit…I’m not stressing over it!

I want to hear your potty training stories and what worked for you.

Please share in the comments below and help this mama out:)


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  1. jason


    I suppose I have all this to look forward too.

  2. Balynn


    My daughter turned 2 in April. She hasn’t wore a pull up since may. I have been through the pee on the floor and occasionally the poo monster comes to town! Lol. We have had a handful of accidents since may, but I can’t complain. Since the Rugrat could walk I’ve been taking her into the bathroom each and every time I go. I encourage to have a seat on the potty. I leave absolutely no time for “play”. You go, wash up and leave. I’ve heard of encouraging a book while sitting on the pot, to allow the child to “relax”. I think this may just encourage some shitty books and a lot more work. It took some work, but persistence paid off. Don’t lose hope mama! Keep up the good work! Everybody is different, she will come around.

    • Thanks Balynn…that’s really good at 2. I’ve tried the books and she understands the whole thing. She has done it and she gets so excited but then she wants nothing to do with it:( I’ll just keep trying or I may have to outsource this one!

  3. Agnes


    Haha, Somer! as an older Mum, I guess I just used the ages old trick of putting the child on the potty while the bath was running… the running water often prompted a pee, over which I would get most ecstatic!! Mummy’s ecstasy over pee in the pot seemed to prompt repeat performances.
    My daughter, though, just left a box of chocolate cereal on the ledge near the potty as an incentive for her son. Took a while to work but then of course he was smart enough to let a dribble out, get some goodies, leave the bathroom, back 5 minutes later with another dribble, get some goodies, leave the bathroom, back 5 minutes later…. and so her days went.
    It’ll happen… it’s the very rare child who goes to school in diapers!
    Agnes recently posted…Weekend Wisdom 25My Profile

    • Oh I’ve tried that trick with the water too. I’ve tried chocolate for goodies. One day she will be all about it and then the next day she wants nothing to do with it. I hope she won’t still be in diapers when she goes to school. Along with sucking her thumb. That’s another thing I’ll have to tackle soon.

  4. Kat


    I’m not laughing AT you…I promise, but this is so funny to me. That little girl is going to take her dear sweet time!
    Kat recently posted…Vlogging Workshop: Dancing With Rev RunMy Profile

    • Kat…I saw your last video about potty training and I love the idea of outsourcing it. And yes, she is taking her sweet time:(

  5. Sorry, I had to giggle at the camping experience. I have no children, but understand your frustration. I would be too! Only comfort I gan give is we’ve all ben where you’re little darling is, and managed to get it, eventually. 😉
    Stella Scott recently posted…How To Keep Your Voice Young And HealtyMy Profile

    • Thanks Stella. I think it’s funny because we grow up in diapers and then a lot of people grow old in diapers. I hope we aren’t one of them:)

  6. our daughter was, thankfully, very easy to potty train. she did have random accidents longer than I thought she should, but at least it was always pee 🙂 our son fought it when we initially tried, so we decided to wait longer. then he did fine, but even now he still has to be in diapers for overnight because he just doesn’t wake up and if we try to wake him up he gets pissed off! my only consolation is that my brothers were 7 or so until they could finally wake up to take themselves to the bathroom, so… hopefully, although I don’t want to be buying him diapers that long, obviously, ugh.
    christina recently posted…DIY Jewelry Holder with Stuff You Already Have!My Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Christina. 7yrs old..oh my. I hope that is not the case for your or I:)

  7. celeste


    I’m actually outlining my next blog post on potty training! I potty trained my daughter at 1 year and a half, but now with my son, who is 2 years old, it has been so hard! i have tried every single tip and trick and nothing is working. I am about to take a few weeks off of potty training and see how he responds.
    Bribing did not work, using candy as rewards did not work because he threw tantrums when i wouldn’t give him more unless he used the potty. he showed just about every sign that he is ready, but it is just not happening!

    • I feel your pain Celeste. Every child is different. I think we just have to relax about it and know it will happen. Kids will not become teenagers or adults wearing diapers:)

  8. Hi Somer!
    Isn’t there and oil for that? Not exactly, but destress somehow and relax about it all, it will happen. All my kids trained fairly quickly because they wore cloth diapers. These diapers today are super high tech, the kids feel nothing and they’ve never felt it, ever!
    That’s a huge problem for the mom who wants to potty train and ditch the diapers.
    I was just researching the options over here at a local shop to me that also happens to crush it online.

    You just might want to switch over to some cloth training pants. Baby /big girl still gets her diapers, they’re just different now, we don’t buy that kind anymore. If you’re not just playing around with this post, I highly recommend checking out the options.

    • I wish there was an oil for that Courtney!! Thanks for this link. I’ll definitely check it out. I could see how cloth vs regular diapers would make a big difference! You’re Awesome!!!

  9. Although we don’t have kids (yet), my momma friends swear by this resource:

    You should give it a try! Loved your video 🙂
    Natasha Hazlett recently posted…Brands We Love: TOMSMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Natasha. I am desperate so I will def be checking this source out. Your time is near my friend and you will be pulling your hair out too:) I love your new pics by the way!!

  10. Oh my goodness that’s funny…because I recently went through the same ordeal. I have three little girls, and our youngest just turned 3 last month. She also took her sweet time potty training! We tried it all. Finally we just stuck with having her wear panties during the day and taking her potty every 30 minutes. There were SO many accidents..I was so tired of cleaning up pee. She even thought it was funny to go out on our deck and pee there.

    But then one day.. One GLORIOUS day.. something clicked! She stopped peeing in her underwear (except for the occasional accident on her way to-the-potty). I’d say it’s been about 4 weeks now. So don’t give up! Just stock up on wine and chocolate and stickers (stickers for her of course haha).

    btw…the redneck potty training was pretty hilarious!
    Courtney recently posted…Taking summer by the ballsMy Profile

    • Thanks Courtney…I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this. Since the video it has gotten worse. She won’t wear her panties and she won’t even sit on the potty. I think I might just outsource this to daycare!!

  11. Moira


    Oh, potty training was a nightmare for both my kids! I’m still vaguely traumatized. For my oldest, we finally hit on a sticker chart with a big reward at the end and that convinced him to go. (He would just hold his pee for HOURS until we put him back in a diaper for nap or bedtime.) My youngest was basically just sheer persistence…we just left him in underwear and set a timer for 20 minutes and made him sit. The few times we had success we made a huge deal and gave him m&m’s (Mommy got one every 20 minutes regardless of potty success. I needed it!)
    Good luck! You aren’t alone and it just sucks…but eventually they will get it and it will be over!
    Moira recently posted…Hello there!My Profile

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. Though I do feel bad you had a rough time as well:( It has only got worse since this post. She screams and cries now when I sit her on the potty. And she used to love wearing panties and now she wants nothing to do with them. Absolute nightmare:(

  12. CA


    CA I’m not really constructive where you stand helping your information and facts, nevertheless great subject matter. My partner and i needs to devote more time to figuring out more as well as knowing extra. We appreciate you outstanding data I used to be seeking this data for my quest.

    • Hey CA…THanks for stopping by:) What is it you were looking for exactly?

  13. Alana


    Somer, I had better luck using some of the reward charts and potty videos, I found online at doesn’t cost anything. I thought about getting Lora Jensens 3 Day Potty Training but have decided yet. There are a couple other products out there that sound promising, but right now I am doing alright with the reward charts.

    • Hey Alana…I tried that. It didn’t work. I feel like the worst parent ever right now. I think the reason why she would not poop in the potty was because she was constipated. I took her to the doctor and he told me to put Murlax in her milk. 3 days later…she is pooping in the potty. Come to find out it was probably hurting her to go potty. I feel horrible:(

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