Potty Training Nightmares Part 2

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Sooooo…it’s been 2 months since Part 1 of Potty Training Nightmares.  If you have not seen the video or read that post click here now.

I think I’ve tried every tactic in the book.  Nothing is working and she is still in diapers.

 This little girl is stubborn…not sure where she gets that from:)

All the pressure to get her potty trained was stressing me out.  The tantrums and the whining was making my hair grow grey faster than a greyhound chasing a rabbit.

My friend finally told me to just quit.  She told me they will just do it when they are good and ready.  Well, I’m not sure this little girl will ever be ready.

Pretty sure she wants to stay a baby the rest of her life.

I buy her cute little panties and she just hands me a diaper and tells me “I’m a baby.”  WTH am I suppose to do with that?

So I quit for a month or so.  I think we both needed a break.  

Break is over now because I’m so sick of diapers…

A lady on Facebook recently was having similar issues with her 4yr old son and one girl mentioned you just have to find what they like and persuade them with that.

I tried that with chocolate, stickers, gummies.  Nothing worked.  She could care less about that stuff.

This little girl loves presents though.  What kid can resist a present.

So here is my game plan.  I went to Target and bought a bunch of $1 items.  I’m going to wrap them, put them in a basket and put them in plain sight so she has to look at the presents daily.

It’s going to drive her crazy!

It’s going to drive her so crazy that she is going to have to start going in the potty.

At least that’s what I’m hoping for.  If this doesn’t work I’m in trouble because I have no more tricks up my sleeve.

I’m jumping off the cliff on Sunday so to speak.  No turning back.  No more diapers!

Wish me luck:)

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  1. Judy


    So did it work?

    • Hey Judy…no it didn’t work:( You want to know what finally did though?! Money…I bribed her with dollar bills!!!

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