Out with Old, in with the New!

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I’m already starting to feel lighter! There is something very freeing about cleaning out stuff and giving stuff away that does not serve you.

This is one of the very first steps to make our RV adventure a reality. The Vacuum Law states…Nature hates holes. Eventually nature will fill that hole back up.

We are creating a massive hole. Selling just about everything and having faith we will have our new home, new furniture, and a place we can call home.

Do I know what the future holds?


Do I know where we’re going?


Hell…I don’t even know what state we are going to live in. I just know it’s not where we are now.

This is a huge leap of faith. I  have faith in the process and I have faith in the Laws of Nature.

I live a life of Prosperity and I urge you to do the same.

Here is an audio book to help you get on your own journey of living with prosperity!



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