My Top 5 Online Marketing Tools to Run a Lucrative Home-Based Business!

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In today’s Episode I’m breaking down for ya my Top 5 Online Tools I use for my online business.

You probably got into this industry for the time and financial freedom…yea?

Well, tools will help you do that!

With all the crazy cool technology we have today, you’d be crazy not to use these tools to your advantage.

Imagine building a house without the proper tools.  It would be hard and it would take forever.  It’s the same with building a business.

Tools make your business run smooth and will help ya build it a lot faster.

So let’s dive in…



If I was aloud only 1 tool.  This would be the tool I would choose.

An autoresponder is a tool where you  can capture emails,  follow up with prospects, build relationships,  and turn those prospects into loyal buyers.

Imagine…being able to follow up with hundreds if not thousands of people by sending out a simple email.

This builds relationships, trust, and rapport.

You can invite your people to events, trainings, sell them products, and get people to join you in your business.

Imagine being able to send out an email with something for sale and poof…you make money out of thin air!

How cool is that?!

There is no other powerful way to follow up with people than with an autoresponder.

You will be leaving a ton of money on the table if you are not collecting emails and building your list.

Many people think their business is the company they rep for.  That is not your business.  You have no control over that company.  They could go out of buisness tomorrow.  

Build a solid relationship with your list, you list will follow you everywhere!

You can go get your 30-day Trial HERE!


Canva is a free image creator.  You can make meme’s, fun pics for social media.  I make all my images for my blogs and blabs on Canva.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to be techie to do it.

Super simple.

The first thing I do is go to this site…PEXEL

This will provide you with a ton of images that you can download for free and then you can upload them to canva and put whatever text you want on it.

There is a demo in the video above if you haven’t watched it.

You can check out Canva HERE


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

We are in a relationship business…yea?!

Well…we need a way to build solid relations with prospects we meet!

If you’re anything like me, you can’t remember the fine details of all your prospects and customers.

Like where they are from, their hobbies, the names of their kids, their goals, the details about their business, their favorite food.

You get the point.

It’s a lot to remember.

These are the details you need to remember to follow up with people to build a relationship.

We want to make people feel special!

It’s kind of like when someone you met a long time ago remembers your name…it makes ya feel special!

Here’s what happens though…You start talking to so many people that people start blending together and you forget to follow up.

The fortune is in the follow up right!

Let’s follow up like a Pro!

This system allow you to take notes on all your customers and prospects.  It even alerts you when you need to follow up!

Imagine…talking to a prospect and the time is not quite right for them to do business with you.  They have a vacation to hawaii coming up, kids are graduating, and they are moving to FL.

You can put these details in the CRM, set up a task to have the system to remind you to follow up in 3 months or whenever you want.

You get in touch with them and say…Hey…how was your vacation to Hawaii?  Did you ever make your move to FL.

Your prospect will be so impressed that you remembered.  It makes them feel important.  It lets them know you care.

It builds trust.

That’s powerful!

It you don’t have a follow up system in place, you leave a ton of money on the table.

You forget to follow up, you forget who this person is, and money is lost.

You can check out the CRM I use HERE!



Everyone that has a business online, needs a blog.

Your blog is you main hub.  It has information about you and what you do.

When people meet you, they Google You!

If they come across your  branded blog, it will show a sign of authority.  They can find out about you, your values and mission, how to contact you, and read your articles.

This is also a great place to generate sales and collect emails!

I know a lot of people that just use social media to build a business, and they have had a ton of success.  But here’s the reality…social media can shut down tomorrow.  You don’t own it and have no control over it.

Your blog is your online real estate!  You own it and nobody can take it away from you!


The funnelizer it a super slick and super easy tool to create capture pages and branded funnels.  

Trust me when I say this is easy.  I’ve used other tools and I wanted to poke my eyeballs out.

You can get very creative with this tool.  You can add your own images and videos.

You can also create sales pages and thank you pages.

This tool is a must if you are building a business online!


What if I told you, you could get a blog, a crm system, the funnelizer, and all the marketing and training to be a professional marketer online for only…

$49 per month!

Thats insane!

Just the funnelizer alone should be $100 a month.

CRM systems alone will cost you in the hundreds.

What you get, is laid out for ya below!

Take your 10 day trial today!  




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