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Facebook Prospecting Attraction Blueprint

  • Learn the power of Building your Network and How to Attract people who are interested in You!
  • Learn Friend Zone Marketing how how to apply it into your Prospecting
  • Learn how to properly set up your Facebook Profile so people are ATTRACTED to you!
  • Learn the exact process you need to take people through to close them on the phone.



$297 Value

Facebook Profile Make-over Consult

After you have gone through the training above, I will get on a Skype call and do a Consult to make sure your Profile and Fanpage is set up so that you are Attracting People to your business.

$149 Value

30 Days Unlimited Access to ME via Skype

I know getting started can be lonely and I know you will be full of questions.  I am giving you a full 30 days unlimited access to me via Skype.  Ask any question and I will reply in a timely fashion.

$1,000 Value

Two 30-min Coaching Calls

I want to make sure you are moving in the right direction so I am giving you two 30-min Coaching calls for free.  We will get on the phone, look at your business as a whole and dissect what needs to change to get results.

$399 Value

Personalized Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a marketing strategy.  This is a daily Mode of Operation so you know exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis to get result.  This will be catered to you and your schedule.  No more wondering what needs to be done in your business.  You will have a PLAN OF ACTION!

$197 Value

The League of Legends is a Community of RockStars that have joined forces and is on a mission  to create Leaders!

We are a community that helps each other out, celebrates wins, and Lifts People Up!

We hold weekly masterminds to collaborate ideas, develop leadership skills, and coach so that everyone wins online!

You will also be getting a 10-day Roadmap that will help you generate a ton of Leads, Build your Brand, and Create Authority online....$500 Value

$1,000 Value


Juliana Russell Juliana Russell, Plexus

A two weeks ago I was going through network marketing groups and cold messaging people with my business opportunity. I was not getting much response, I was getting discouraged.

One of the people I messaged was Somer Nelson, she replied asking me if my method was working. I confessed to her that so far my attempts had been unsuccessful, is she invited me to schedule a time that we could talk on the phone and tweak my approach.

Two days later we had a phone conversation where we discussed relationship marketing and branding yourself. Somer gave me several tips and tools to help me in my direct sales business. She was easy to talk to and informative.

i’m getting excellent results under her mentoring. Fast forward to yesterday – I called messaged 10 people, only this time not only did all 10 message me back in a positive manner, three of them asked me about my business opportunity! All 10 are now my Facebook friends.

Choosing Somer as my mentor has not only helped me, but it’s also helping my team grow

Valerie Lebel Valerie Lebel, Arbonne

If you haven’t had personal coaching with Somer Nelson yet, book a call now!  She is an expert in branding yourself!  I love how she asked questions and listened!  She helped me really look at what I want my future to look like and what I’m willing to do.  Thank you Somer.  I love my relationship marketing business!