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I am one Lucky Girl!!

 I am involved in a program called Branded Mastery.  Being part of this program I was given the chance to mastermind with a couple of Rock Stars.


Now…I’m not talking about Ozzy Osbourne or Mick Jagger.

 I’m talking about Natasha and Rich Hazlett.  They are Rock Stars in the Online Marketing world!


They invited me into their home up in Boise, Idaho for 2 full days.  Masterminding on my business and my business alone!



The reason why I decided to take part in this was because I saw the value the Hazlett’s bring to the table.  I knew from the beginning this was my vehicle to get my business to Rock Star status!


I was really nervous going into this.  I’ve never done a mastermind before. So I was not sure what to expect.


I  thought maybe they were going to devour me for dinner, spit me out, and make me cry.


I got all worked up for nothing.  These two ended up being the most down to earth people.  They are so easy to talk to and we had a really good time!


Natasha was able to bring tears to my eyes but it was what I needed to hear.  I don’t need my ego stroked or anything sugar coated in my business.


I needed to hear the hard truth.


I have to admit it stung,  but I was grateful for her brutal honesty.




To watch these collaborate was like watching the space shuttle take off for the first time.  I was in pure amazement on how organized and how creative this power couple was.


They are masters at taking your passions and skills and showing you how you can monetize on them.  I would have never come up with my business plan if it wasnt for the power of this mastermind.


By the end of the weekend I felt I gained not only new friends, but I now have a business plan and a marketing funnel.  I finally feel clear on my message to the world.


What we accomplished in 2 days would have taken me months or maybe even years to conquer.  Talk about fast forwarding my business!!


I am now very focused on what action steps I need to be working on and I know where I need to be spending my time.  Before I was all over the place.


Natasha and Rich will always have a special place in my heart.  They truly care about the success of others and I will always be grateful for what that have done for me.


You could work with the Hazlett’s too!


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Hi my name is Somer Nelson. Adventurer-in-Chief at RockStarMama LLC I have a passion driven business and a passion for helping people. I am an internet marketer and I help home-based business owners build and monetize their business online! I'm always looking for the next adventure and I love my wine and coffee! I look forward to guiding you on your entrepreneurial journey!


  1. Good for you. Progress is progress.
    Trudy Beerman recently posted…Legacies and Continuity…My Profile

  2. Jason Philip


    Sounds like you had quiet the experience Somer!

  3. Tamara


    I want to be a rockstar! I think I’d be so nervous but hopefully I’d make some progress like you have.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s My SITS Day, Part 2!My Profile

    • It is very nerve wracking at first but my mentors were more than welcoming and we just had a really good time. And got a tone done in my business. Thanks for your support:)

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