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License to Ride!!!

When I first met my husband he owned one of those bullet crotch rocket bikes.  He took me on a ride 1x and I never wanted to go again.  He tried to do a freakin wheelie with me on the back.

 It was then when I realized I wanted to be in control.  I needed to learn to drive one of these things.


So that’s what I did.  I took a safety class and got my license to ride!!


I bought a Harley Sportster 1200cc.  This bike was an eye catcher.  It was definitely a girly bike…tassels and all!!



My husband ended up selling his crotch rocket for a Harley and we drove those things everywhere.  Not a care in the world.  


Just us and the open road.


I miss those days.




Our Little surprise came in 2011 and my bike sat in the garage for almost 2yrs collecting dust.  By surprise I mean our daughter Lily.


The last love affair I had with my bike was in Sturgis 2012.  If ya don’t know what Sturgis is, it’s the biggest motorcycle rally in the world.


We met my parents up their and celebrated my daughters 1st bday.  This little girl loves bikes too!!!

Sturgis 2012 - 034


My Love/Hate Relationship with Harleys


I started working at a Trauma 1 center and encountered several bike accidents every week.  Most of them were fatalities or major injuries.


This affected the way I viewed riding bikes.  I wasn’t worried about my driving skills…I’m a dang good rider!  


People just don’t pay attention.  I’ve been almost ran off the road or run into more times than I can count.


I finally sold my bike:(  I figured my daughter needs a mother more than I need a bike.  Funny how your priorities change once you become a mother.

Back on a Bike!!!


When visiting my parents this past week I got a chance to get back on a hog!


I can’t believe I convinced my dad to let us take the Harley’s.  Not many men let other men drive their bikes.


I forgot how to start it and had to ask how to gear shift with my foot.  I totally forgot.


I was a little nervous at first but like they say “It’s like riding a bike.”


We did a 90 mile tour around Lake of the Ozarks.  It was one of the funnest rides I’ve been on.


Windy roads with these steep hills that you race down and you don’t know what’s on the other side of the hill until you get to the top….adrenaline rush!  


It was like a rollercoaster for bikes!!


We got so lost.  So we decided to get lunch and a beer.  No I don’t drink and drive.  I drink before I drive:)  Don’t worry I only had 1.


My dream of riding with the wind blowing through my hair will  be a reality one day.


I already have the bike picked out!!


But as for now, I have a sweet little girl to raise and she needs her mama:) 









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  1. Brenda Forgy


    Somer you made riding my Harley look effortless, after you remembered how to start it, that is. I think you made the right choice for now. You have a beautiful little girl to raise and not as much time to ride. I hope to be riding with you again someday. I want more riding pictures with the go pro on your helmet next time. Maybe I’ll get one and make a video someday. You can edit it and put it together for me. Great job on the video!

    • Thanks Brenda. Thanks again for letting us use you bikes. It was so much fun! I’ll be glad to do any editing you need. It’s going to cost ya though…jk

  2. i love your writing style Somer – so much fun and easy to follow. I also love your decision to leave the riding to later, since your daughter needs a Mama. Then, it will be that the grandkids need a Grandma. So, let other people ride the bikes! The trauma center is a wake-up call for sure.

    • Thanks Deanna. That means a lot coming from you. I agree with ya on giving up the bike. But I may just have to get another hog when I move out of the city:) It’s addicting. We shall see though.

  3. That’s so cool that you gave up your bike once you became a Mama. Our priorities do change! And yes, one day you’ll be that Grandma on her Harley 🙂
    Preslaysa recently posted…Simple Ways Parents Can Nurture Their CreativityMy Profile

    • I thought it was a wise choice Preslaysa. I will probably follow in my mom’s footsteps and be that grandma on a bike!!!

    • Roberta


      Your cranium must be prtctoeing some very valuable brains.

  4. Love your smile when you got on the bike. Totally happy. Oh Hale Yes!
    Hale Pringle recently posted…AWeber Tip – Basic Autoresponder Traffic FlowMy Profile

    • Well it has been way to long since I’ve been on a hog. I was grinning cheek to cheek the whole time. I’m surprised I didn’t get bugs in my mouth…lol

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