Lake of The Ozark Bound!

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Less than a year after we had Lily my parents decided to abandon ship here in Utah and head to St. Louis.  I tried to guilt them out of it but it didn’t work and I felt bad about it later on.  They had to go for a job:(

About a year after living in St Louis my parents bought a beautiful lakehouse on Lake of the Ozark.  This place is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.  People only go there to retire or vacation.

We Get a Phone Call at 6am…

My mom woke us up at 6am to tell us that our flight has been changed to 1 hour earlier.  In a panic we jumped out of bed, threw on some clothes and was running around the house in a panic trying to get everything together.

Just as we got on the highway I remembered I didn’t grab Lily’s shoes.  She only had socks on.  I wasn’t about to turn around because we still had to drop Jack(our dog) off at a friend’s house.

My husband was being the biggest pessimist.  He kept saying “We aren’t going to make it..”  Like hell we aren’t going to make it.  I was born with lead in my foot and I’d be damned if I was going to miss another flight.  Let’s just say I’ve missed a handful of flights in my day.  

I Drove Like a Bat Outa Hell…

I booked it about 80 or 90 mph the whole way.  Don’t worry I’m a really good driver.  I’ve been a safe driver since I was 19.  I used to want to be a race car driver back in the day.  I would of been a really good one too.  I’ve got mad driving skills!!!

I got us safely and on time to the airport.  We even had time to get breakfast!!

Lily was sooo excited to Fly!!

This wasn’t Lily’s first rodeo on a airplane.  But it was the first time she realized what she was doing.  She has been watching a Barney Show and he sings about flying in a plane. By the way…I freaking hate that dinosaur.  He drives my husband and I crazy.  But anyway…everytime she sees a plane she points and says “I want to try!”

She was a perfect little angel on the plane.  Well, besides the 2 glasses of water she spilled all over.  But there were no tantrums and that makes a momma’s day! 

We arrive in St. Louis 2 hours later.

My Dad Wants to Take Us To Hooters…

We were all really hungry and we still had a 2 hour drive so we were trying to decide where to eat.  My dad suggested Hooters.  I had to remind him we had a 2yr old with us.

He said that he has seen kids in there before and it would be fine.

The problem is though…Lily would probably try to breastfeed one of the girls.  I’m being serious.  Lily has been watching her Aunt breastfeed for the last little while and last week she attacked my boobs and said she was a baby.  I wasn’t about to let it happen to a hooters waitress.

We Arrived…

We made it to Lake of The Ozark!!!  This place is so amazing.  My parents just bought a boat so we are going to have some fun on the water.  Stay tuned while I’ll share with you our Lake of The Ozark Adventures.  Please comment below.  I would love to hear from ya:)


PS…My mom just informed me that it’s Lake of The Ozarks…plural not Lake of THe Ozark…whoops





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  1. Brenda Forgy


    Your post was hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!. Your writing is full of energy and enjoyable to read. Love you!

  2. Allyson


    Sounds like a fun adventure already!

  3. April


    Fun story. Lead foot, Hooter lunch, and final arrival. All in a days work as a successful Entreprenuer and mom!

  4. Ha ha ha- love this! Sounds like it has been quite the adventure so far! Can’t wait to hear more!
    Natasha Hazlett recently posted…“How Can I Attract Clients If I’m Brand New?”My Profile

    • It was quite the adventure getting out here Natasha…and it’s only the beginning!

  5. A.M. Williams


    Wow! It sounds like the adventure began long before your destination! Keep us posted!

    • Yes it did Mr. Williams. It’s always an adventure with a toddler:)

  6. Judy Wright


    It sounds like you had a wonderful adventure, I love reading your posts.

  7. Alanna


    What an adventure!! Sounds fun and I’m glad you made it their safely!! 😀

  8. Maree


    Enjoy your stay Somer, looks beautiful!

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