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Above are the steps to actually find qualified people to talk to on Facebook, but now what?

How do we take this cold market into a warm market.

Let me give you a scenario so you can put yourself in your prospects shoes.  Pay attention to how this message makes you FEEL.

There you are on FB and you get a friend request and PM from a total stranger.  You go to read their message and it says something like this…Just an FYI, this is a real message I got.

Hello! My name is Amy and I’m a successful entrepreneur in the direct sales industry. I’ve built many success stories (including BMW car qualifiers), many markets, even international growth. I have also developed many teams over the past couple of years, but recent growth has been absolutely incredible! My focus area now is in building some strong 5-6 figure earners. As I see some of your previous industry experience, I was hoping to network with you regarding a new business opportunity. I feel you can be very successful with myself and my business partners and think you are a very good fit! Are you open to additional info?

What went through your mind after reading this?

Ya want to know what went through my mind?

I don’t know Amy and I don’t really care how successful she is.  Why would I want to join a business with this person when I don’t even know her.

Now let me bring you to another scenario and see how you feel after this message from a stranger.

Hey Somer…how’s it going?

I’m messaging you because I came across your profile on fb and noticed we have a few mutual friends and a few similar interests!  I love to hike too!

Your profile picture rocks!

I love your posts and can relate!

I like connecting to other professionals in the area and would love to get to know you better!

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon!

What feeling did you get from this message?  Did you feel I was trying to sell you something or did you feel I wanted to build a relationship?

There are a few things to remember when prospecting a cold market…

  • This is a relationship business.  Build that relationship first.  Find commonalities. Complement them.  Make it about them and not you.
  • People join people, not opportunities.
  • Nobody like to be sold to.  Do not post links without permission or building that relationship first.

What are they struggling with?

Ask a lot of questions.  Find their pain.

Be the painkiller for their pain.

Maybe your prospect wants to be able to be home with their kids but they don’t know how to do that.  When you find out their pain and you know your opportunity could be the solution, that’s when you ask them if they are open to looking at what you got.

A little hint here…

Company videos are very powerful.  Ask them when they will have a chance to watch a 15 min video (or however long it is) and get their phone # so you can call them at a specific time right after their done.

Setting an exact time for you to call is so much more powerful than just giving them your link.

That’s how you do it my friend!

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  1. Awesome post! Yes it is better to connect with your cold market and begin a relationship. Just spamming someone turns them off!
    Chris Shouse recently posted…FluorideMy Profile

    • THanks Chris! Spam is such a turn off. THanks for stopping by!

    • When it comes down to it..we are in the relationship business. Treat everyone as a friend!

  2. Michael


    You Rock Somer,

    This is valuable information.

    Michael, A.B.C.’s of Blogging

    PS< Slow typers are deep thinkers.
    Michael recently posted…Small Easily Digestible Bites – CancerMy Profile