How to Grow Your Network on Facebook!

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In today’s episode I’m sharing with you “How to Build Your Network on Facebook”

Remember your Network is your Networth!

Check it out below!

This is just the first phase of growing your network.  There is more to it but all I want you to do is go out and make friends.

Building relationships is what this business is built on.  

People are the most important aspect of your business.  

People are the ones with the money!

Learn to take the $$$ sign off people’s forehead and treat everyone as a friend.

To many people go out and have the mindset of…who can I GET into my business today.

This mindset will get you nowhere.

Have the mindset of service and love.  

Who can I serve today?

Make a friend today and who know’s,  they may join ya tomorrow or in 5yrs…ya never know.

Stay tuned because I’m going to share with you how to transition these people and get 

them on your list where you can follow up with them everyday!

And that my friend…is where the money is made!

My rule of thumb when building relationships online is…if you wouldn’t say it in real life, don’t say it online.  People get super weird when approaching people online and say the craziest things.



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