How to Create Your Newsletter!

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In today’s episode I want to share with you how to build a newsletter!

Not just any old newsletter.

One that spits out cash!

The money is truly in your list.

Imagine…firing up your laptop, writing a letter to all your leads…and BOOM.  You make sales!

That’s the power of having a list.

Build customer relations, invite to events, and promote your product and opportunity!

Want to learn how to attract prospects to you instead of chasing them and feeling like an icky salesman.


Pretty easy…right?!

If you need to get an autoresponder, I recommend Aweber and you can get that here!

Below is an example of my first and only follow up message.  Feel free to get ideas but make it your own.  The discloser at the bottom can be copied word for word if you would like.

This is is my first follow up message that goes out right after someone opts into my list

Really glad you made it here!
Welcome to my world!
You’re getting this email because you either visited
my blog, joined my newsletter,visited my  fan page, or
maybe you found one of my product sites!
 I’m really excited you’re here!
You’re in the right place if you are looking
to build your home-based business online
and have fun doing it!
I do things a little bit differently than most marketers.
This is the only non spontaneous email you will ever
get from me.
You will not be getting automated emails.
The last thing you need is another bunch of timed sales
messages designed to get you to buy stuff.
I like to keep things Real!
Real Simple and…
in Real Time!
If I have something cool to share or say…you will hear from me.
If not, I’m probably off exploring somewhere and enjoying life! 
So now you know to open my emails because it will have something
cool and helpful inside!
Here’s the thing…
 I’ve done a lot of things wrong, but I’ve done 
a lot of things right!
 I’m now in a place where I get to give you
all my golden nuggets to help you on your journey!
To be able to talk to you
and help you get on the right
path, without all the noise and
If you are willing to 
listen and take action…
I am willing to show you my
tips, tricks, and strategies to
a better way to do business and
to make your dreams a reality!​
So get ready for a wild ride!
This is going to be a fun adventure!
So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

I must warn you though, 

what I do and have to show you

is not like the most and yes I am

a little crazy!  I love to have fun, 

laugh, and enjoy life!

Let’s do this TOGETHER! 

Enjoy the newsletter and if I

can help you in anyway,

feel free to contact me.  

There are several ways to

contact me below…

If this newsletter no longer serves you…

Feel free to unsubscribe anytime:)

PS:  Here is my Attraction Marketing Bootcamp to help you get started on your journey!

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*The sender of this email receives compensation

when products and services featured herein are

purchased. Results are unique. Your results will


Parts of this email are an advertisement…

But most of it is just a wild adventurous chick trying to help you

It is the law that I tell you that I may make money and you may not…Really that is contingent on your effort and desire.  

Crazy thing is I would have told you if it was the law or not!

Bluntness in my middle name.


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