How to Capture Your Good Times Without Being a Pro…GoPro!

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I would like to introduce my super sexy husband Forrest.  He’s pretty much a maniac on 2 wheels.


He just recently sold his Harley and picked up a Kawasaki KLX450R Dirt Bike.

He also bought me a 4wheeler thinking Lily and I could cruise around on it.  She is  scared as a deer in a headlight.  She will pose for a picture but this little chicken will not go for a ride.


I thought this girl was going to be fearless.  She got her first bike at Sturgis when she turned 1!!

Sturgis 2012 - 034

She went shopping for bikes and couldn’t be more stoked about a real mini dirt bike.


Maybe she didn’t inherit the adventurous spirit like mommy and daddy:(  She would rather dance topless around the campsite.  I don’t know where she learned this from but it wasn’t me:)

My husband and I are having so much fun with our new little toy.  By toy I mean our GoPro!!!

We had the original GoPro and it was great but it doesn’t even compare to the quality of the new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

Since Lily was not wanting to explore American Fork Canyon.  This adventure was a solo trip made by husband.  I’m going to hand over the keyboard to him so he can relive his experience with you!

Hello everyone… as Somer was saying I recently sold the Harley and picked up a new Kawasaki KLX450 Dirt bike!

I made this transition because when I first started riding street bikes 10 years ago it gave me a feeling of freedom while cruising down the highway. Since moving to a bigger, more populated city that feeling of freedom quickly dissipated due to a plethora of vehicles and bad drivers.  

It’s been over a decade since I’ve been on a dirt bike…so I was ready to get my dirt on! American Fork Canyon is pretty much in our backyard so that’s where we headed.

I was like a kid on Christmas day.  To excited to think of the details.  Dirt bike…check.  GoPro…check. Trail map…whoops!

I quickly found a trail that allowed dirt bikes , horses and hikers.  I rallied  up into a open field.  As I continued farther,  the trail got smaller, a lot smaller!

Shortly after beginning this trail I found myself in over my head on a trail that was no more than a foot wide with a 200 foot drop on one side and the mountain going straight up on the other side. So with no where to turn around the only direction was up!

Feeling skeptical about my riding ability it made this even more challenging.  I charged strong dodging rocks and jumping over tree roots. After 30 minutes of intense riding I finally made it to a spot I could rest and even better, turn around!

The view from the top was well worth risking my life…not

At least I had my GoPro to capture this moment of great victory!  Not only did I get that adrenaline rush I’m always craving.  I got to share my experiences with my family and you.


Don’t let your good times be a distant memory.  Capture your adventures with a GoPro!


By now you are probably wanting to get your hands on a GoPro! I’m going to make it really easy for you.  

CLICK HERE and read all about the bells and whistles!

To buy the best of the best.  I got your back. Click the image below!!

GoPro Hero+ Black Edition

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  1. You’re husband is a maniac on 2 wheels! That looked pretty crazy to me. I don’t think I’ll be getting my husband a dirt bike anytime soon. I don’t think we could afford the life insurance, lol! It’s not for the faint of heart. What would be nice is if we could plug the GoPro onto our foreheads and have the experience downloaded into our brain so we could feel the experience as if we were the ones on the bike. I need the virtual experience, it’s less dangerous. I want the experience minus the danger. I’m a wimp, what can I say?

    Anyway, looks like a lot of fun. Have a great weekend guys! Enjoy the bike and the GoPro.

    • LOL PJ…Maybe the next big thing will be the virtual experience with GoPro. That would be really cool. A lot less dangerous but you would still get an adrenaline rush. Have a great weekend:)

  2. Jason


    Did you shoot that yourself? It looks very professional. I’m blown away by the picture quality also. Great job Somer.

    • My husband shot this. The camera was on his helmet. I’m blown away by the quality as well. We had the older version of GoPro and it doesn’t even compare!

  3. Alanna


    I need to get a GoPro!! Love your updates on all your adventures!! You rock, Somer!!
    Alanna recently posted…Living Bold Despite Living With KLS!My Profile

    • You should get a GoPro. They are a lot of fun and easy to use. Keep on Rockin Alanna!!!

  4. Yo Mama


    You only have one neck and one back and you have to take care of it so you can live long and be pain free for the decades aheadl. Please listen to your body.

    Love you,

  5. I do trust the many strategies you’ve got introduced with your write-up. These are definitely begging and can definitely function. Nevertheless, your posts are far too shorter for novices visit my home page. May possibly you want prolong these individuals just a little from next moment? Thanks for the article.

    • Hey Adrien. Can you explain what you mean? I visited your home page and I am not sure what I am looking for and I don’t know what you mean by prolong these individuals just a little from the next moment?? Can you elaborate plz. Thanks for stopping by and checking me out:)

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