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In today’s post I’m not only going to show you “How” to Brand your Fan Page but Why it’s so important!  Pay attention because this could be a game changer in your business!

There are 6 things every Leader Online is doing…Want to know what they are?

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The sad truth is…Facebook hates MLM and the network marketing niche.  They have been known to shut accounts down and put people in jail.  There are to many people in this space that spam and throw out hypy money claims and give us a bad name.

I love this industry and that’s why I want to share with you how to properly position yourself so you don’t get shut down and how you can build a thriving sustainable business!

Here are some points you may have not of thought of and why it’s NOT a good idea to lead with your company’s Brand.

  • Your company is already branded.  You are not your company.  What if your company goes out of business?  You don’t want to go down with them…do you?
  • What if you decide to quit your company and move on to another one?  You don’t want to seem like you’re all over the place to the public.  People don’t join people if they see you all over and not staying consistent.  If you lead with your brand, the public will never know.  Your brand will always stay consistent.
  • What sets you apart from all the other thousands of reps in your company?  NOTHING…. Everyone is doing the same thing.  Your Brand will set you apart.  You are fighting for attention online and if you do the same cookie cutter things all the other reps are doing, you’re just going to blend in and get lost in the masses.
  • Pitching your product and opportunity all over Facebook can appear spammy and a turn off.  Nobody likes to be sold to and pages with ads all over it is unattractive.  It turns people off and they go somewhere else.
  • Sharing product and opportunity pictures on your Fan Page never builds credibility or authority because people have seen the same stuff a thousands times by other reps.  Here’s the thing…people don’t get on FB to buy stuff.  They get on there to socialize, read articles, and build relationships.  So if that’s the case, why put ads of products all over?

Some companies have marketing policies.  It’s important to check these policies out.

My first MLM actually shut my video marketing down.  They said I could not say or show their product or company in my videos.  They wanted all control of my video marketing.  They wanted me to show my videos to them and get their approval before I posted them.

Say Whaaaaat??

I thought I was a business owner.  I thought called all the shots.

Nope…I was just a rep for a company.

To be a true business owner…you need to brand yourself.

Check out some of the top leaders in the industry.  Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and Diane Hochman…just to name a few.

You will notice a trend.  They lead with value, and not their product or opportunity.  They share stories and take on the role of being a problem solver.  We teach.  Teaching sells!

You might be asking yourself…” how do I sell my products and service if I am out there trying to solve people’s problems?”  

People will be attracted to this.  They will see you as an authority and will reach out and want to know what you’re up. Some of them will join your company!

It all comes down to…People join people, not opportunities.  

This is all about Attraction Marketing my friend.  To Learn more on how attraction marketing works…Click HERE!


Did that help, if so leave a comment below and share on Facebook.  I would love to hear from ya!



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    • Keep on keepin on. I’m always here to help. THanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks Rick…the masses need to realize this is how it’s done!!!

  3. Hey Somer,

    This is Awesome stuff I like you wasted a lot of time promote them before I understood people want to do business with other people not company’s.
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