How to ATTRACT People on Facebook to Talk To Daily!

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In Today’s Episode I’m going to share with you How to ATTRACT People on Facebook to Talk To Daily!

Now why would you want to do this?

We work in the people business!

Our network = our networth.  We need to be talking to and building relationships with new people on a daily basis.

Now wouldn’t it feel a lot cooler if we attracted people instead of chased people?  I don’t chase and you don’t need to either!

This method is something I learned from a mentor and now I’m passing it down to you!  Want to know where I get all this cool training and how you can build your network marketing business like a professional?

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This is all part of Attraction Marketing my friend!  

When I first learned about attraction marketing I understood the concept of leading with Value and NOT your Product and Opportunity.  

That’s the #1 rule.  

But what I didn’t understand was that I needed to be more proactive with getting those people to notice me….especially at first!

This process is called activation.  

It’s kind of like tapping someone on the shoulder and saying…Look at me!

Following someone,  liking and commenting on posts is less intrusive than adding a bunch of friends or sending messages right away.

It gets  people curious of who you are and they end up going over to your page to  check you out!

That’s why it’s so important to have value driven posts (along with fun lifestyle posts) to make you look attractive.This will draw people into your world and if they like what they see, they will friend request you and send ya a message to see what you’re all about!


How’s that for attracting fun people into your life?!

Now, the last thing you want all over your wall is a bunch of product and opportunity posts.  It’s unattractive and looks like a damn ad campaign.  NOT ATTRACTIVE.  Who wants to look at a bunch of commercial type posts??


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