Everything You Should Know About Ha Ha Tonka, Missouri State Park

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I laugh everytime I say Ha Ha Tonka.

Ha Ha Tonka is Missouri’s most treasured spots.

If you have little kids this is a perfect hike.  It’s not really much of a hike.  It’s just a short stroll to get to the castle.   You can even bring your stroller on this one because it’s paved!  

The land was once owned by a wealthy Kansas City businessman Robert Snyder.  Shortly after he started building his castle he was killed in one of the first state’s auto fatalities in 1906.

His sons finished up the castle and it ended up burning down in in 1942 and all that remains are the ruins.  

The view at the top of this cliff is absolutely breath taking!  Huge trees surround the castle and there is a spectacular view of Lake of The Ozarks.



Most people start out there adventure at the castle but there is so much to explore at this park.  The park features a series of boardwalks and trails.  Most of them are less than 2 miles long.

Like I said it’s great for little ones or old people like my parents:)

The trails lead to the honeycomb of tunnels, caverns, springs and sinkholes.  

I wish I could explored more of this State Park.  But our time was limited.  Maybe next time!


Have you ever been here?  If so I would love for you to share your adventure!

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