Do You Have These 6 Key Entrepreneurial Qualities?

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These are just seven of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur. Having these characteristics is not a guarantee that you will be successful, but they are key!

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Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

1.Entrepreneurs are Risk-takers- being an entrepreneur means having the ability to trust your voice within and act on it. There is always the risk of loss in any endeavor, and entrepreneurs have just the right confidence to take calculated risks to achieve their goals and dreams.

2.Lucrative Entrepreneurs are Aggressive-the world of business is a very competitive environment. An entrepreneur must know how to stay ahead of his competitors, either by introducing new ideas or exploring new ventures, all in the spirit of expanding their bottom line.

3. Wealthy Entrepreneurs know the value of money- and are careful about their finances. To succeed in any business; an entrepreneur must understand the value of money and the cost of things. Typically, successful entrepreneurs learn how to value and earn money at a young age. They learn that hard work pays off and are out trying to earn money, doing babysitting, mowing lawns, or lemonade stands.

4.Champion Entrepreneurs are Self-Assured– to succeed in the highly competitive business world, confidence and trust in oneself is an indispensable trait. To survive in such a fierce world, an entrepreneur must have the ability to look within himself and find the drive and motivation to pursue his venture. An entrepreneur must have the gumption to face any difficulties and tackle any problems that may be encountered in the world of business.

5. Successful Entrepreneurs are Ethical and Have Integrity- despite the fact  the business world is fierce, the successful entrepreneur will make an effort to make every business offer ethical. The mark of a successful entrepreneur depends on good personalized work values that ultimately generates excellent business practices, impressive credibility and good partnerships with business peers and business partners.

6. Strong Entrepreneurs know the importance of down-time- hard work and determination are very important values every entrepreneur must have. A good entrepreneur knows when it’s time to take a step back from all the hard-work of business and enjoy some downtime with their family.


These are just a few of the qualities a thriving entrepreneur must have.  Does your profile match that of a successful entrepreneur? There are several important traits and values that are common among successful entrepreneurs. Before you go and start your venture, it will be very helpful to reflect and think whether you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

What else do you think a successful entrepreneur must have?  Leave a comment below.


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  1. Every entrepreneurs love to become a successful entrepreneurs but very few could actually achieve it,just because of lack of such key quality.Nice post,great share.Keep up the great work.
    Debarpan recently posted…Earn Money with BitcoinMy Profile

    • Thanks Debarapan…I think most people can do it, but they quit too soon. We live in such an instantaneous world, people don’t want to wait for the success. It does not happen overnight but it will happen if you are consistent. Thanks for stopping by:)

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