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What do people go onto social media for?

Do they go on there to read ads?

No…they go on there to socialize and catch up on what’s going on in the world.

People go out of their way to avoid advertisements.  Except for the Super Bowl!  I love those commercials!

On YouTube there is even a button where you can skip the ad all together!

People record their favorite shows just so they they can fast forward the ad.

So if that’s  the case, why would you put something like this on social media?

ad blog 3

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People just scroll right past this stuff.  You might get a sale or two, but if you want to be seen as a Leader,  then this will never get you into an Authority position.

This kind of stuff  may have worked 10 years ago,  but marketing changes all the time and ya gotta keep up with the changes!

These days you really got to get creative with your marketing.  

As one of my favorite mentors says…jim

So how do you bring value to the marketplace?

You Learn something, Do it, and then Teach it!

It’s that simple.  The stuff I’m telling you in this post is not something I just made up.  It’s something that has been taught to me, I practice it in my business daily, and now I’m teaching you!

I am bringing value into your life by teaching you something that will help you!

That’s value my friend!  

This is all part of Attraction Marketing.  If you have not heard of attraction marketing go read the book “Magnetic Sponsoring” by Mike Dillard.

Attraction Marketing is all about attracting people to you and your business and not chasing people about yours.

It’s all about helping people and leading with value and not your product and opportunity. Because in the end, if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want!

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People hate to be sold to, but they will love if you help them!  

It’s the Law Of Circulation.  Go out and serve as many people as possible.  Have faith it’s going to come back to you multiple times over.  It may not be from the one you serve, but it will come back indirectly…I promise.

Blogging  and video is one of my favorite ways to create value.  People love to read articles and they love to watch videos!  This is native advertising.  Bring value in the blog post and then have some sort of offer.  That’s a soft sale.

Content is King!

Every Leader online is creating content consistently  and if you want to be a Leader online…you need to as well!

Maybe you don’t know how to create content or maybe you don’t feel like you have value to share…that’s ok, I got your back!

Are you ready to take off the training wheels and start doing what will create you results?

I’m going to make it really easy for you!  I’m going to share something that will help you out…especially if you are new!

It’s all about using leverage baby!

The Power


  • This is not for anyone that is just doing this as a hobby and you don’t care about making a profit.
  • This is not for people that don’t want to be a Leader online.
  • This is a system only for those who serious about their business.  
  • This is only for people that are ready to put the work back into the work at home equation.

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