See How Easily You Can Hike Cecret (Secret) Lake With Your Kids

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I just launched a Hike it Baby branch here in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hike it Baby started in Portland, Oregon and is spreading like wildflowers throughout the nation.  If you want to learn more about Hike it Baby as a whole or see how you can take part on a national level CLICK HERE.

Our first hike for the launch of Hike it Baby was Cecret Lake AKA Secret Lake.  I had never been on this hike before but from what I read it was kid friendly!

Cecret Lake resides at the very top of Little Cottonwood Canyon in Albion Basin.  It’s tucked away right above Alta Ski Resort in the Wasatch Mountains.

This is a perfect getaway from the Salt Lake valley’s summertime scorching heat.

The hike itself is only 1 mile up and 1 mile back with a 450 ft climb.  It’s pretty mellow except it leaves the climb for the very end.

I guess I should say it’s a mellow hike if you don’t have a child on your back.  The extra weight definitely made us break a sweat.  My hips are still sore to the day.  It’s that good kind of sore that leaves you feeling accomplished.

Hiking with a baby or child has it’s own set of challenges.

Before I was a mom I could go on any hike.  It didn’t matter the difficulty.  I was up for the challenge.  After having a baby, I have to admit I lost some of that adventurous spirit and am still trying to get it back.

That is one of the reasons  I wanted to start a branch of Hike it Baby.  I want to inspire mom’s and myself to get out of the house and into nature.  There is something about nature that is good for the mind, body, and soul!

It’s a way for myself and other mom’s to rediscover that adventurous spirit, make friends, and live life to the fullest.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous that no one would show up for the first hike,  and if they did I would just get them lost.  But Moma’s showed up and we had a really good time!

And….I didn’t get them lost!!!


Trailhead Information

From the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon drive 11.1 miles up to Albion Basin Campground.  There is a small parking lot there but gets full fast.  There is another parking lot less than a quarter of a mile just before you get to Albion.  There are restrooms there and it’s a short walk to the base of the trail.

The town of Alta provides a free shuttle service. The shuttle runs from 9am-4:30pm Saturdays and Sundays only.  There is an information booth just past Alta Ski Resort and right before you get to the dirt road.  They can tell you if the lot is full and where to park.

The trail begins at the base of the Albion campground.  The trail is west of the campground and climbs 1 mile up and 1 mile down with a 450 ft climb.  Most of the climb is found right before the lake.  It is switchbacks up the side of a mountain.  There was one little section where moms had to help the next mom up over a boulder.  It was’nt to bad but not sure if I could have done it without a helping hand.

This hike takes the average hiker 30 min each way but I think it took us a little longer because we stopped to catch our breath a few times.  The altitude and extra weight of a child is something to get used to.



If you are feeling extra spunky and have some extra energy to burn…I was not one of them.  You can hike the summit of Sugarloaf Peak.  Sugarloaf is the 13th highest peak in Salt Lake City.  This is also one of the easier summits to climb.  I may have to try this one either with my husband to help out or when my daughter can do it on her own.

I would have to rate this hike a 10.  Very kid friendly and it’s absolutely breathtaking up there.  I highly recommend this one.

If you have not yet downloaded my Free copy of” Ultimate Mama’s Hiking Checklist” please do so at the top of this page.  You need to be prepared when heading out into nature with your little one.  That’s why I have compiled the 10 key essentials you should not leave home without!

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 Cheers to your next Adventure:)

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  1. Great video. What a neat thing for moms to do with each other and their babies!
    Ree Rote recently posted…You Need A BlogMy Profile

    • Its amazing what nature does for the mind, body, and soul. My kid is always so relaxed in nature:)

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea!!!! If I were in your town, I would TOTALLY do your hike. Let’s talk, I actually have an idea. I will message you my ph#.
    Trudy Beerman recently posted…IGNORANCE IS ignorant.My Profile

  3. Lynn Guilfoyle


    What a great way to spend time with other moms. When my daughter was little, I was always looking for ways to spend quality time with adults.

    • We had a lot of fun. Such a great way to meet new friends! Thanks for stopping by Lynn:)

  4. Your Mama


    Somet the hike it bAby video was beautiful! Gorgeous scenery, and I wish I was there.

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