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I was given the opportunity to test out the Brigadier Smartphone by Kyocera.

This was an entertaining experience to say the least.

I have to admit though,  I’m an Apple addict.  That’s right, you read that correctly.  I’m a die hard fan of Apple products.

The only smartphone I have ever used before this Brigadier was an iphone.  So I promise to be unbiased.

The Brigadier is available now from Verizon Wireless  for $100 with a two-year contract.  This phone has supreme grit. With a sapphire display, IP68-rated waterproof/dustproof construction and Military Standard 810G protection, this is no dainty device.

The first thing I noticed when I received the phone was that it had a much larger screen than I was used to and I really like that. The screen is built with Sapphire Crystal, which is the second hardest material next to diamond.

It is believed that sapphire crystal is more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass and other materials commonly used in smartphone screens today. 

The phone is not as foxy as my Iphone.  It has a rugged and square look and feel to it.  It’s not repulsive looking by any means.  It’s very robust and clean-cut.


Brigadier by Kyocera



So if you’re looking for a cute phone that is full of eye-candy, this is not the phone for you.  This phone was built to take on what life has to throw at it.  It has a suit of armor designed for the most disastrous of situations.

The company that makes this smartphone Kyocera claims this phone to be scratch proof, water proof, and drop proof, which ultimately means worry proof.

So I decided to max this Baby Out!

I wanted to make sure this phone does what they claim, so I took it on a road trip to Colorado.

As you can see from my video, I dropped it multiple times.

The first drop was in the river.  It worked, but  the camera lense fogged on it.

And, the next day the phone started freaking out on me.  It kept vibrating and the android character swimming in water kept popping up.

I left it alone for a day and then it seemed to work just fine.  The fog disappeared from the camera lense as well.

So on with the testing!  I dropped it down several rocks and the phone was shockingly still in one piece and working!

It survived the rugged outdoors of Colorado.

Kyocera claims the phone can be submerged into 6 feet of water for up to 30 min.  When I tried that out the phone started freaking out on me again.

The phone started working again 2 days later so I decided to go up to  the mountains and do a little more testing.

The last drop did it in.  The screen shattered.

This happened on one of the last drops you see in my video.  It must have hit a rock just right because I only dropped it 5 feet or so.

The screen did shatter but the phone still works!

I was sent a 2nd phone…

The company sent me another phone because they had never heard of the freaking out malfunction I had experienced.

I’m going to give the first phone the benefit of the doubt and just say it’s a lemon.

New phone, more testing.

This one passed with flying colors.

I dropped it, I scratched it, and I submerged it into water for 30 min and it passed in all areas!

The Brigadier is constructed to outlast even more extreme conditions than I was able to experiment with: According to Kyocera, the phone is certified to be used safely in hazardous work environments where flammable gases and mists might be present. It’s also engineered to tolerate up to eight hours of heavy dust exposure, as much as four hours in temperatures as low as -4 degrees or as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to 10 days straight in 95% humidity.

Let’s pull off all that protection and get down to the Operation of the Brigadier…

The functionality was all there.  It has all the same bells and whistles as far as apps go.

I only found 3 things I did not like…

  • I tried to export pictures and video and it seemed like it took forever.
  • I tried to use the GoPro app to watch live streaming and it would not download the stream.  I thought it was because we were out in the middle of nowhere but my iphone seemed to do it just fine.  And I know it wasn’t the service because I have Verizon.
  • It is not compatible with my Macbook Pro:(

The fact of the matter is this…

This phone does everything it claims:

  •  Scratch Proof... (Even though I shattered the first one.)
  • Water Proof.
  • Drop Proof.  (Again…even though the lemon shattered, it still worked, and the second phone passed all my drops!)

This phone was designed to be able to take abuse from all different angles.  It’s able to withstand conditions unheard of to any other smartphone on the market.

Even though the first phone I tested turned out to be a lemon, the second phone stood up the the test.  It was a powerhouse and was able to withstand all my abuse!

This phone was constructed with a goal in mind.  It was built for people who need a strong and durable phone that is able to handle disastrous situations.





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