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This is perfect if you're brand spankin new!  The concepts I teach are ever-green and essential to know if you want to become the hunted and not the hunter.  So whether you're dipping your toes for the first time or you have been online for awhile and not getting the results your looking for in your home-based business, I can help with my attraction marketing tips.

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5 Attraction Marketing Tips to Get Ya Started!

Most Network Marketers that bring their business online do it all wrong.  I know because I did it.  Posting your product and opportunity all over the internet and social media is not going to cut it.  If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be rich.

There is a method to all the madness and it all starts with YOU, and not the the company you represent.  People don't like to do business with companies, they like to do business with people.  The best thing you can do for your business is work on you and build  Bring all your unique qualities to the market place and people will love you.  This is called Branding.  There is a common denominator with all top leaders online...they all have built a personal brand.

If you are ready to stop bugging your friends and family and not wanting to be apart of the 97% of network marketers that fail then take note of these Attraction Marketing Tips.

  1. Do not lead with your product and opportunity.
  2. Lead with you and your value.  Stop focusing so much on success, and start focusing on the value you bring to the marketplace.  The marketplace doesn't pay you for the time you put in, but for the value you bring.  This is what will attract people to you.
  3. Have a blog.  I'm not talking about the duplicated website your company gives you.  I'm talking about a blog about you and your passions.  This is your own internet real-estate.
  4. Get to know the tools needed to run an online business.  Marketing tools will give you the time freedom you are looking for.
  5. Work on your mindset daily.  Mindset is 90% of this business.  You can have all the fancy gadgets and skills, but if your mindset is not one of a Leader, this business will not work.