Are You a Spammer?

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This post is not meant to hurt feelings or to piss people off…but I’m sure it will.

I know you’re excited!  You just joined Company XYZ and they have the most amazing products and comp plan EVER!

You  want to scream it off roof tops and tell everyone on social media.

You join all the Networking groups and post your link multiple times a day.

Guess what my friend…that’s SPAM.

This way of doing things is giving network marketing a bad reputation.   You have 1 reputation,  so don’t blow it with this kind of marketing.

Trust me…it doesn’t work.

There is no conviction behind it.  YOU NEED CONVICTION!

This tactic will never get you to Leader status.  You could get a few sales and sign ups, but don’t you want to be seen as a Leader and be a professional marketer?

Well good then…I’ll show you how!

I’m giving you the 5-Step Top earner Blueprint.  This is going to show you the 5 things that must happen to be a Top Earner Online!




About Somer Nelson

Hi my name is Somer Nelson. Adventurer-in-Chief at RockStarMama LLC I have a passion driven business and a passion for helping people. I am an internet marketer and I help home-based business owners build and monetize their business online! I'm always looking for the next adventure and I love my wine and coffee! I look forward to guiding you on your entrepreneurial journey!


  1. Wonderful video and content as well, Somer. You provided here a lot of value and very good criteria for people to understand what spam really is and how can they get a way from this. Thanks a lot for sharing this precious message. Many Blessings!
    Dragos Ciobanu recently posted…How to Achieve Success by Creating Alignment with YourselfMy Profile

  2. Yes it’s true. I started out by spamming also. I since learned how to brand my self and I’m doing much better now.
    Rick Johnson recently posted…Social Media for Business – Myths about Social Media for BusinessesMy Profile

    • Branding is a whole other issue people don’t take seriously. I made the mistake of not doing it and my company shut me down. Lessoned learned!!!

    • I think it’s natural for people to do it this way. It makes sense at FIRST. But Branding and giving value is how it actually works!!!

  3. Yes I too started out that way! I got some interest to my replicated sight but no sign ups! Why? These people did not know me at all and never would that way!
    Chris Shouse recently posted…Is Your Follow On?My Profile

    • I think it’s natural for people to do this. But it always comes down to…People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust! You might get some sales this way but will never be Leader Status doing this.

  4. Michael


    Hi Somer,

    My Names Michael, I was a spammer for years, then I got myself Branded as the Heart Healthy Answer Person and started gathering a devoted following.

    You Rock Somer, keep sharing what works
    Michael recently posted…What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up?My Profile

    • YOu say it like you’re at alcoholic anonymous meeting. Not like I would know from experience. You have an awesome Brand now and you have cut off all ties of spamming!!!

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