7 Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive in the Marketplace

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Are you Ready to Bust out your Super Powers and start being Attractive so People want to do business with you?

This is EASY to do and it’s really MAGICAL when people start reaching out to you instead of you chasing people all over the place.

It’s all about being The Hunted…NOT the HUNTER.

Let’s dive right in…

  1. Have the Language of Kings and Queens – Listen to your self talk and be mindful of the negative nelly sitting on your shoulder.  Negative comes natural and it’s our job to take control of what we say to ourselves and others.  My mentor taught me…”What you say, you get to keep.”  So if you say…”I’m broke”  You get to keep that.  Even if you are broke…you don’t have to announce it.   Here is a book you need to read…”What to say When You Talk to Yourself” 
  2. Positive Energy – Your energy and your Attitude matter!  Nobody wants to join a Negative Nelly in business that is not excited about life and the business.  Show your excitement and go lift people up.  You are either giving Energy or Sucking it…don’t be a sucker:)
  3. Show Lifestyle – People are Attracted to Lifestyle.  Show your personality.  People who are like you will be attracted to you.  Be yourself and let your Uniques self SHINE!
  4. Content – The Creators are the ones that are getting paid.  It’s all about Content Marketing and creating the content around your target market’s problems.  Videos, blog, meme’s, podcast.  Whatever you choose…just get your Brand out there and Solve problems!  You have to create content that stands out from the masses.  Be Creative…tap into your creativity!
  5. Consistency – This is the SECRET to Success.  Show up Day in and Day out.
  6. Focus on Other People’s Wants and Needs – Take the focus off you watch what happens.  It’s magical.  “Help Enough People Get What They want…you get what you want” ~Zig Ziglar
  7. Be a Solutions Provider and Master Inviter– Have your shelves stocked full of stuff to offer your target market.  It’s called multiple streams of income.  You are leaving money on the table when you only have one thing to offer.  You can see how to STOCK YOUR SHELVES HERE!


Did ya get Value?

I would love to hear from you.  Go ahead and comment below and share away my friend!

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