3 Myths in Home-Based Business Revealed!

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You may or may not have heard these myths, but if ya stick around long enough in this industry…you will.

I feel these are the most common myths in the Home-Based Business niche and they need to be revealed!

Someone needs to talk about this because these myths are keeping people stuck and broke.

Well…that someone might as well be me!

Want to learn how to grow your business online without feeling like that yucky door to door salesman?

These Myths are little white lies that are told to people to make Network Marketing seem easier than it is.

These white lies are keeping people from seeing their full potential.

Are you one of these people?

Many people get into this business with no sales and marketing background…and that’s fine.  I’m one of them.

But the truth is…ya gotta learn sales and marketing.

If ya want to get your masters in marketing without going to college…Click Below and get your 5-Step Blueprint!


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Hi my name is Somer Nelson. Adventurer-in-Chief at RockStarMama LLC I have a passion driven business and a passion for helping people. I am an internet marketer and I help home-based business owners build and monetize their business online! I'm always looking for the next adventure and I love my wine and coffee! I look forward to guiding you on your entrepreneurial journey!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I am one of those people who got into this without having an education in sales and marketing. It is something I’ve always been interested in though so I enjoy learning everything I can about how to improve my marketing efforts, networking skills, and building a business online and offline.
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    • I am one of those people too. The nice thing is…anyone can do this! All ya have to do is commit to learning and commit to taking action! Always be a student!