#1 Mistake People Make When Bringing Their Business Online

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There were so many mistakes I made when I first got started online.

Hell…I still make mistakes.

The nice thing is,  I learn from them and I get to share what I learn with you!

When I first got started online with my mlm,  I noticed what other people were doing  so I did the same thing.

I posted pictures my company provided and spoke about the same things all the other reps were talking about.

Why wasn’t anyone listening?

Did I need to post more pics and try and shout louder?


Ya wanna know what happened?

I started blending  in with the masses and I got lost in the crowd.

I was pretty much invisible.

The #1 Mistake People make when bringing their business online is they are not being different.

Ya know when we were in school and everyone wanted to be doing what the cool kids were doing…well that aint cool anymore.

There are so many people online these days.

How do we not blend in?

We let our freak flag fly!

We all have different DNA.

We all have different strengths.

Which means we all have something different to bring to the table!

Being Different means letting people know who you are and the value you bring to the marketplace.

Posting your product and opportunity all over the internet is NOT marketing.

It’s all about Self-Promotion!

It’s all about building a Brand around YOU and not your Company!

You have a voice.

You have a message.

It’s time to step into your genius and speak your mind.

Don’t go out there and try and make everyone happy.

That’s impossible.

Speak for what you believe in and people will love ya and people will hate ya.

Here’s the thing…

You know you have arrived if ya have haters!

Just don’t let the haters get to you.

Brush them off and keep speaking to the people who are ready to hear your message.

Your Audience is Waiting

Look…I know building a business is not easy.  It’s hard, really really hard.

It’s hard,  but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it.

I believe anyone can do this.

I believe you could do this.

It just takes the right strategies and consistent action!

Ya wanna get a sneak peek at where I get all my strategies?

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